Our Mission

The Meraki Foundation strives to use the arts to address issues and find solutions to problems arising in the community through human interaction and a creative projects. We produce collaborative works in an affordable and accessible way in order to both entertain and educate all participators.

Our Goals

Our Goal is to create and facilitate inclusive entertainment/platform for artists that cut across boundaries of age, disability, gender, social class and culture. Our four main goals capture the essence of what The Meraki foundation envisions to achieve. 


To create platforms for artists to express and display their artistic works. As well as collaborate with Artists, Associations, Schools, & Organizations for the advancement of the arts and social projects to positively impact the community 


We lobby and promote the value of the arts as a force for education and positive impact


Assist the community in creatively addressing issues using the arts (Visual Arts, Theatre, Dance, Music, Writing, Poetry & Filmography etc)


We support artistic projects and events that address issues by assisting in the organization & funding of projects/events with a positive social impact