Alexandria Faure

Alexandria has a rich background in theatre and hustles hard to develop artistic projects to tackle issues affecting communities in Seychelles. She has a passion for volunteering and working with different people, which echoes her belief in the power of diverse and inclusive collaboration to multiply positive impact . She is a firm believer in the power of the arts to galvanise change. 

Colin Woodcock

Colin is a creative talent. With an impressive background in television, radio, performance art, and goodness knows what else, he will always be remembered for his infamous "1A discussion". A well-known charmer, Colin also has excellent people-skills and loves networking. He also writes songs and poems in his spare time which is kind of cool. I guess.  

Andre Katombe
Development Officer

Andre is part of the team behind the hugely successful "Word Up" event. He is incredibly talented with a camera and never loses focus (bad camera pun). He is super friendly, warm, and just clicks with anyone he meets (another bad camera pun). He shoots people, does a bit of editing, and then frames them to hang them on the wall (ok that was the last terrible camera pun). He took all these headshots.  

Velma Cafrine

Velma is an artist with a passion for visual detail that most of us have no idea about. Her passion for craft and design dates back to her childhood when she used to make her own birthday and Christmas cards (including the envelopes!) for family and friends. She laughs a lot and it's infectious. She is a techie who enjoys disassembling laptops and putting them back together again, sort of lilke all the King's soldiers and all the King's men did with Humpty Dumpty. She presents beautifully formatted minutes each week and brings innovative ideas to the table, when she's not handcrafting ornate decorations for the Foundation. She likes butterflies and loves cuddly pandas. 

Nandita Nair


Nandita is a wannabe writer with a passion for words and language, but also likes playing with numbers because she likes living on the wild side. Being an English graduate, The Meraki Foundation took a chance on her numerical skills, so she repays them with colourful excel spreadsheets and good times. Recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend things.