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The Meraki Foundation is a non profit ngo that supports innovative projects that promote social values and celebrate diversity in Seychelles. 

We strive to collaborate with artists, associations, business entities and social agencies, including Governmental ministries, to address issues creatively and support artistic projects with a positive social purpose.

All of the projects that fall under the Foundation promote the value of the arts as a force for positive impact, and derive from local needs, strengthen local capacity, and cultivate the value of arts on society. One such example is the incredibly successful monthly Word Up event. The Meraki Foundation believes that the arts inspire personal empowerment and resilience, and is a crucial part of the development of Seychelles.




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Meraki is the soul, creativity, or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work


Nou lanmer - nou zistwar (Stories from the Sea)


Nou Lanmer - Nou Zistwar

A project that was launched in collaboration with the British High Commission Victoria, The Stories from the Sea is still in progress and is the first of its kind in Seychelles. The project acts as a tool to look positively at the fishing industry in Seychelles. Using music and storytelling, the project used local musical elements and that of British folk music to work with local fishing groups to collect and capture, in musical form, celebrations, memories and traditions of fishing in Seychelles. Check out the Seyit.TV facebook page to watch the docuseries.

Word Up Seychelles

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Word Up is a free open mic night and performing arts movement, and The Meraki Foundation’s most well-known project. It is a platform for singers, rappers, poets, storytellers, beatboxers, mimes, dancers – any kind of artist – to express themselves in an inclusive environment and to an enthusiastic audience. The Word Up performers often touch on subjects that are relevant to them personally or the communities in which they live.  At the core of the Word Up production team ethos and all Word Up events are inclusivity, positivity, and authenticity. The monthly event is free, open to anybody, and very popular. It attracts a crowd of 50-100 people on average and is a unique event on the social scene in Seychelles.    

ACt4seychelles (Theatre for Development Programme)

Act4Seychelles is a project that will use the methods of Theatre for Development to creatively address social issues, work to help facilitate self expression and promote a deeper understanding of our changing cultural identities. The project & its facilitators endeavor to empower people to use the arts as a tool for changing their lives and their communities, using strands of different projects through a range of art forms, providing participants with creative activity, peer mentoring and leadership training. Through the training programmes participants will be involved in a range of workshops centered around their needs with the goal of finding solutions to the issues that they face in their communities. The end results of the programme will be a community performance whereby audience members and performers will have the chance to discuss relevant themes and issues highlighted in the performances of the participants. The participants who get involved in this programme will benefit from stability, new friends and a chance to re-imagine their lives and tap into their creative abilities.


SeyIT.tv is an online platform for Seychellois on Facebook producing short creative videos twice a month, giving a voice to the power of people, their talents, and the issues that matter to them. All videos are issues-led (as told from the perspective of people) and seek to encourage productive conversation and explore the diversity of thought.  SeyIT.tv provides a digital space for diverse and representative perspectives from Seychelles' society, hoping to empower people - particularly young people - to engage in the conversation and feel empowered to take action on the issues that are important to them. This is a voluntary project spearheaded by young adult professionals. Over the coming weeks, SeyIT.tv will be on the lookout for more people interested in sharing their issues-based stories. To engage with content, 'like' the Facebook page (facebook.com/SEYITTV) and spread the word!  

Komedi - Stand up comedy open mic (Coming soon)



Komedi is a Stand Up Open Mic Platform looking to promote the art form in Seychelles, as well as providing comedians with the platform to grow and express their artistry. 

Komedi is looking to provide a sustainable platform for comedians and aspiring comedians and at the same time promote freedom of expression as well as acceptance of diversity in opinion. This passionate group of people are looking to promote a healthy analysis of self and society, as well as light hearted open debate on issues and challenges. 



Alexandria Faure

Alexandria founded the Foundation after partnering up with fellow artistic friend, Colin. She has a rich background in theatre and hustles hard to develop artistic projects to tackle issues affecting communities in Seychelles. She has a passion for volunteering and working with different people, which echoes her belief in the power of diverse and inclusive collaboration to multiply positive impact . She is a firm believer in the power of the arts to galvanise change. 

Velma cafrine Vice-Chairperson

Velma is an artist with a passion for visual detail that most of us would miss. Her passion for craft and design dates back to her childhood when she used to make her own birthday and Christmas cards (including the envelopes!) for family and friends. She laughs a lot and it's infectious. She is a techie who enjoys disassembling laptops and putting them back together again. She presents beautifully formatted minutes each week and brings innovative ideas to the table, when she's not handcrafting ornate decorations for the Foundation. She likes butterflies and loves cuddly pandas.

jill freminot
communications Officer

Jill is a self confessed bookworm. When she's not getting lost in stories about wizards and mythical creatures, she can usually be found trying out new recipes in the kitchen. With her fondness for books, you'd think Jill would have chosen to study English lit, but instead she graduated with a Business degree. Her studies led to an interest in marketing (specifically, social media marketing) and now she helps manage the social media platforms of the Foundation, as well as all things communications related. 

Nandita Nair


Nandita is a wannabe writer with a passion for words and language, but also likes playing with numbers because she likes living on the wild side. Being an English graduate, The Meraki Foundation took a chance on her numerical skills, so she repays them with colourful excel spreadsheets and good times. Recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend things.





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  • Addresses societal issues through the arts, or
  • Facilitates inclusive entertainment that cuts across boundaries of age, disability, gender, social class and culture

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Are you passionate about artistic events? Want to support your community? 


If you are a highly skilled Master Artist in the fields of photography, drama, creative writing, or other visual and creative arts, either home or abroad, volunteer your services. Lead programmes, workshops, and guide local facilitators here in Seychelles to build a sustainable impact. Get in touch with us if you are willing to offer your expertise. 

At The Meraki Foundation we celebrate diversity and enjoy working in teams. If you have an interest in volunteering on our projects and events write to us! From time to time we may have temporary volunteering opportunities in a variety of development support roles.


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